Babylon Mystery School Series - 39 DVD Set

In parts 1-39 of this Mystery Babylon School series, the late patriot and conspiracy researcher Bill Cooper traces the path of the Mystery Schools that first arose in ancient Babylon and Sumer.

This series will take you on a journey through the Middle East, Central and South America, the Old Mediterranean and North African worlds, then into Europe through the Templars and Crusades.

Learn the symbolism which has been hidden in plain sight all around you.

Find out why the New World Order is run by an esoteric and (what appears to be) a demonic religion.

39 Audio DVD Package.

Factory Produced, Shrink Wrapped, Full Size DVD Cases.

 Each DVD retails for $15 each, if bought separately the total would be $585.

Buy the entire series for $450 and save $135.00 ($11.53 ea).

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