Exposed DVD The Zionist Takoever (McDonalds)

In this 2014 edition of exposed DVD will look more into the Zionist movement.

In the first video we went into how they control the Banks, Wars, excetera.

Now let's get into more ish.

These crazy-ass people are doing pedophilia, kidnapping kids, Organ running, Human sacrifices and more...
What will you say if I told you they also grind up humans into meat and sell it at the fast food restaurants like McDonald's.
9/11, yes it was them...
Hear it straight from the horse's mouth Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein explains what they do on Passover.
Their Bible is the Talmud and their God is Lucifer and they run the world.
Zionist Jews also run Hollywood pedophile rings young boys.
Zionist Jews feel they have the right to kill you (Goyim) if they want you.
Zionist Jews run the organ stealing and selling racket. This is big business.
Donald Sterling racist remarks about blacks is just what Zionist Jew's think.
Who do you think really started the NAACP?
You must not trust these people... wake up wake up wake up.

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Run Time: Approx. 2 Hours

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