Hidden Colors Quad Set DVD

A brilliant and must see especially for all black/Afrikan people on this planet in my opinion. This Quad Set touches on Afrikan antiquity, the presence of Afrika in the world, aspects of the Afrikan holocaust and the current position of blacks/Afrikans in the contemporary world and their struggle against racist oppression especially white supremacy.

What I have found recently is that some people tend to be uncomfortable when they read or hear about the term "white supremacy", fact is that the current state of institutionalized and in some cases subtle white supremacy (at the expense of dark skin peoples) that black/Afrikan people (whether in Afrika or the diaspora) have to deal with on a daily basis can only be truly felt by black/Afrikan people - thus I don't expect any other person to empathize or understand its seriousness and the need for black/Afrikan people to be free of it. And for that to be done it has to be identified, understood for what it truly is and addressed accordingly.

The fact that most if not all Afrikan countries that where colonized by white/European countries and also blacks/Afrikans in the diaspora, are still under race-based oppression be it economically via instruments of western government, media, private corporations (to name a few) and of course through the falsification of historical facts about Afrika(ns) be it about spiritualty/religion or important parts of world history that prove that Afrikans have indeed been major players in the civilization of mankind and world travel/presence long before Europeans.

This Quad Set covers a lot more, but most importantly offers solutions to black/Afrikan people to realize that things like group dynamics in business and organizing of our communities is vital. And that in looking at other nations throughout the world we should realize that it is important that we decide on a history that is valid for us and educate our children with that history, educate them about our greatness and immense contribution to the world, that we start organizing ourselves in such a way as to keep our wealth within our communities, that we build media houses/systems that will enable us to communicate information to our people and construct ways to protect ourselves from any further oppression that might be lurking.

I think it is important to realize that the aim of this documentary is to inspire Afrikan/Black people globally to aspire for a unified understanding of who we are as black/Afrikan people and what we need to do to regain our glory as a great people and indeed as an important part of this family that is humanity. It is not meant to breed any feelings of hate or contempt, but simply to help us realize that we must free ourselves as a people from any entity that seeks our demise.

We need to understand that a lot of work has been put in by the oppressor to ensure that we never remember who we truly are and that we never realize our incredible potential as the melanated people of this beautiful planet - and the fact that there are agents that will strive to discredit any move we make in our quest for "true" freedom should only serve as a reminder that we are on the right path.

In conclusion this documentary helps us realize that indeed the colors have only been hidden, but exist nonetheless for us to discover and spread to the rest of the world. So that not only we but they as well remember that blacks/Afrikans are not only an equal member of the human race placed by God on this planet, but also that we have contributed a lot to the world and will contribute a great deal more!

4 DVD Set

  • DVD #1 ~ 1 Hr 49 Mins
  • DVD #2 ~ 2 Hrs 32 Mins
  • DVD #3 ~ 2 Hrs 24 Mins
  • DVD #4 ~ 2 Hrs 23 Mins

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