Sovereignty DVD Series

Sovereignty DVD Series

10 DVD Set

Session 1 is an Introduction to the foundational information necessary for operating as creditors.

Session 2 explores the subjects of Money & Original Issue in relation to banking and commerce.

Session 3 explores the principles and concepts of the strawman as a trust for facilitating transactions in the fictional world of commerce.

Session 4 explores the practical application and rationality of keeping and using private and public records.

Session 5 explores the nature of creating remedies through the use administrative procedures and the principles governing their use.

Session 6 explores the principles and concepts regarding principal and interest and the relationships they have with banking and commerce.

Session 7 explores the principles and concepts regarding banking and the concepts and ideas of operating as a creditor/banker.

Session 8 explores the principles and concepts of being in control as a creditor with rights, titles, and interests.

Session 9 explores the technology of Quantum Language and how it's use facilitates the creation of knowns / nouns as opposed to the adverb/verb fictionalization of language.

Session 10 explores Admiralty, the law form that gave berth to your vessel, and the methods, materials and concepts that support creditors in navigating the seas of commerce.

Each DVD is Approx. 2hrs long
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