Dr. Sebi Usha Healing Village DVD

  • Format: Video Presentation
  • Title: Dr. Dr. Sebi Usha Healing Village
  • Date: ?
  • Location: ?
  • Run Time: Approx 2hrs

    Dr. Sebi's Healing Village is located in LaCieba, Honduras.

    The village is a pristine, tropical healing village with a plethora of natural resources. Which include plants and rare water within the village.

    The village is nestled in the hills of La Cieba. The water located in the village contains the highest form of alkaline.

    Patrons will receive all meals and herbal minerals during their stay at the village.

    During your stay at the Healing Village Dr. Sebi's presence is not guaranteed.

    Healing Village prices: A seven day stay at the Village is - $1500.00 per person

    Patrons wishing to visit the Village must make their own travel arrangements.

    Your Destination would be San Pedro Sula (SAP) or LaCieba Honduras.

    Category: Health , Nutrition & Prevention
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