Monkey Hustle (1976)

  • Starring: Yaphet Kotto, Rosalind Cash, Rudy Ray Moore, Kirk Calloway
  • Director: Arthur Marks

    From the director of Friday Foster and J.D.'s Revenge comes a free-wheelin', fast-dealin' look at life in the ghetto - Chicago style. Filled with "comedy, fantasy, engaging characters [and] an excellent cast" (The Hollywood Reporter), The Money Hustle "boils over with talent" and stands tall as a "considerable accomplishment" (Variety)! Fast, funny and downright funky, this film's got it all and a little more - just like anybody who's able to do the "monkey hustle" itself.

    Everybody's got a scam goin' on in this small Chicago hood - but nobody's got it goin' quite like Daddy Foxx (Yaphet Kotto). He's so smooth, he teaches flim-flam 101 - how to score, scam, jimmy and jam and get over on anyone - even another hustler! But when the Chicago expressway threatens to express its way right through his turf, Foxx and all the other monkey hustlers know they will have to band together...or the only place left to do their deeds will be between six stripey lines on a blacktop!
  • Run Time: 1hr 30min

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