Copy of Cosmic Healing Sounds & 1Hour Guided Standing Meditation (DVD)

Cosmic Healing Sounds uses subtle vocal vibrations as a way to cleanse, detoxify, and strengthen our internal energy.

This DVD presents detailed instruction on the postures, sounds and emotional tuning that constitute the Six Healing Sounds.

The Sounds are easy to learn and joyful to practice.

For centuries they have been used for balancing the Five Elements and regenerating the internal vital organs.

The healing vibrations of the sounds has a positive effect on physical health, emotional stability and spiritual unfoldment.

By using this DVD on a regular basis you will begin to manifest the benefits of the Six Healing Sounds in your body and mind.

Cosmic Healing Sounds takes you right into the classroom with Mantak Chia.

You will follow the same step-by-step instruction that students at the retreat receive to give you a truly complete experience of Master Chia's teachings.

Running Time: 2 hour 11 minutes

Part One

1. Tao Garden 2. Theory 3. The Six Sounds 4. The Six Healing Sounds Practice

Part Two (Progressive Training in Seven stages

1. Activating the Original Energy 2. Opening the Heart and the Cosmic Inner Smile 3. Connecting to Mother Earth Energy 4. Activating the Higher Self Cosmic Energy 5. Opening the Functional Channel 6. Opening the Governor Channel & Connecting with the Heaven Force 7. Connecting the Crown & Mid-Eyebrow & Joining the Two Channels

  • Run time 2hrs
  • Picture Quality 7 out of 10
  • VHS & DVD
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