Exposed DVD: The Illuminati Takeover - The Finale

This DVD exposes the Illuminati's Takeover of the Entertainment World. Like the other take over issues this DVD deal with celebrities being used to push agendas from the ruling elite.

There is no nurturing knowledge coming from these artists, they rather sell out to keep use unorganized, dumb & push back far from reality as possible.

The young generation is caught up in eating this shit without questions.

Maino talks Illuminati & the higher ups in those record companies is where the gay stuff happens.

Cassidy speaks on why you hear these corny cats on the radio and videos so much.

Willow Smith is signed to rap mogul Jay-z's label Roc Nation. Will she be used to push the agendas on the kids (the breakdown of the whip my hair video).

Nicki Minaj has some worries about her young fans (well maybe not that young) listening to her music.

Cash & C.E.O. Baby says "Just do you".

Lets go deep into the entertainment industry as Professor Griff, Seti and others exposed the game & its secret agendas..

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