Understanding Black Culture "Del Jones"

Historical bridges must be crossed smoothly. Hopefully, the murderous nature of white supremacy has been thoroughly established. Of course, I could go on and on with more graphic examples of their hunger and thirst for blood. By now, however, I trust that you do get the point. Not to mention that many white liberals with their Black pals will claim that I am blaming the whole white race for the acts of a few. I must answer that now!

The European military machine has attempted to squeeze the life out of people of other races and cultures. They have slaughtered people, stolen their wealth, their land and essentially the humanity of people of color.

Their barbaric behavior was unleashed mercilessly against the rest of the world, and it enriched the entire white race beyond compare. They have replaced people's culture, religions and world view by force and force alone.

For those whites who pretend to lack understanding, I say drop the charade and admit that you have also been enriched by Imperialism. Admit to yourself and the world that if we are to believe that only a pale minority took part in the rape of hue-man kind, where are citable examples of humanistic leadership in your history
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