Dr. Khalid Muhammad Vs. Anthony J. Hilder "Part #2"

Round Two of Khalid Vs. Hilder bears the Hitlerian heart of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Is he truly America's Black Hitler has labled him? Or is he a Charismatic guide sent by God to lead his people out of the desert of despair and into the promise land?

Hilder charges that the Ku Klux Khallids have out-Kluxed the Klan. He claims that black bigotry has been white-sponsored by the Ford Foundation, card-carrying members of American's Faustian Financial Fraternity. For what purpose? It's very simple! "Ordo ab chaos" - chaos to bring about control.

Does Dr. Muhammad really believe that American's 11% black population would or could exterminate the huge Anglo majority? is the Cashist Cartel who controls America's currency and commerce using him as an unwitting "Judas Goat" to lead his flock into the streets where they'll slaughtered or enslaved? Will the money monarchy use a "black uprising" as the pretext to institute permanant martial law under Global Governement?

Why did Anthony J. Hilder challenge Khalid to a debate in South Central L.A. on the topic "Is The White Man the Devil?" in front of an all-black audience? Hilder's purpose? To circumvent an insurrection and "incite a revelation." Was he successful? Time will tell, but one thing is certain-the blistering barrage of diametrically different ideologies in this volcanic video leaves nothing to the imagination.

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