Ron O'Neal "SuperFly" 1972

Superfly, starring Ron O'Neal, Carl Lee, and Sheila Frazier is one of the greatest films ever made in the 70's Black film genre. It is a ghetto drama set to the music of the late great Curtis Mayfield - an excellent soundtrack that brilliantly narrates the film and compels you to contemplate the ins & outs of inner-city blues; the challenges Vs. Options or lack thereof. This movie is hitting from beginning to end and though often dismissed as blaxploitation, it's strong messages of changing ones predicament, allows it to escape this criticism. Ron O'Neal portrays a drug dealer by the name of Priest with the baddest vines, cars, and plenty of women. He decides that there is more to life than this. With the help of his main squeeze Georgie,he stages one last score to get out of the game despite strong opposition from his partner and other shady individuals that rely on his thriving drug business. Will he make it out?
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