The God Makers II (DVD)

A Message of Truth Against the Dark Forces of Heresy

The facts say it all…

60 - 80% of Mormon converts (Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints) come from Christian backgrounds.

The LDS Church spends millions trying to convince the public that they are more “Christian” than the Christians.

Witnesses confirm the homosexual lifestyle of a member of the Mormon Presidency.

A fundamentalist Mormon family murders 26 of its own members obeying the doctrine of “blood atonement.”

Hard to believe?

These and other startling facts are documented in GOD MAKERS II - the sequel to the film "The God Makers" that rocked the foundation of the Mormon Church.

Lillian LeBaron Chynoweth, the daughter of Ervil LeBaron, experiences as a Mormon Fundamentalist living in a polygamous. Her father LeBaron was the leader.

The Mormon Church Still believes and teaches Jesus was begotten through a sexual relationship between God the Father and Mary. Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. Mormons will become “gods and goddesses” and enjoy the eternal pleasure of celestial sex. Mormon doctrine still justifies the evil practices of blood atonement and polygamy.

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