African Presence in Mexico "OLMECS " Mathu Ater

  • According to an archeologist who recently participated in archeological work in Mexico, One of the most ancient civilizations in the Americas, the Black (Negritic) Olmecs developed a calendar that goes back to about 3,113 years Before Christ.
  • The ancient "Olmecs" of Mexico and Mesoamerica are one of the most intriguing civilizations of the Americas. In fact, they are the first civilization in Mexico and it was from them that all other civilizations in Mesoamerica followed.
  • Yet, the fact that the Olmecs were most likely a Black civilization of African origins has not been made public and the "Indian" elements in Mexico have gained more prominence to the extent that the Negroid substrata of the ancient Mexican/Mesoamerican civilizations has been kept hidden.
  • Yet, over the past many years, various levels of proof have been found linking the "Olmecs" to Africans in the Western part of Africa:
  • According to a prominent archeologist from the U.S. with firsthand knowledge of an important series of archeological recent finds in Mexico connected to the prehistoric Olmec Civilization, new findings by archeologists from Mexico and other places working in Mexico have found that the most ancient calendar in Mexico was not invented by the Maya but most likely the Afro-Olmecs, a mysterious ancient people whose artwork and as many as 22 collossal stone heads of basalt, looks identical to Africans from the Ghana area of West Africa.
  • According to one of the scientists who appeared on the Art Bell Show, there was some embarrassment among Mexican archeologists because they thought that the most ancient calendar was that of the Mayas.
  • The Olmec civilization of Mexico has been studied by a number of people, including West African archeologists from Nigeria, Mali, Ghana and the Cape Verde Region of West Africa. They have examined pottery and terracotta figurines from Mexico and have concluded based on tribal scarification, cornrows and other evidence that the Olmecs with Negroid features were infact West Africans.
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