A Man and his Mission "Dr. Bobby Wright " Video

Dr. Bobby Wright as one of the few Black people who dared to ask the penetrating questions and demand answers and corrective actions to the racial situation in the United States and the world." In this DVD, psychologist Dr. Bobby Wright coins the term "Mentacide" which he defines as the "deliberate and systematic destruction of a group┬┐s minds with the ultimate objective being the extirpation of the group." "Mentacide," says Dr. Wright, is a worldwide phenomena being implemented against the entire Black race. "Therefore," he says, "Blacks in Africa will begin to manifest the behavior of Blacks in the United States. Dr. Wright "was a thorn in the brain of Black men and women posing as leaders." And his last words were a warning to his friends and associates, "Watch the leadership, especially those proclaiming their God-given answer to the problems of Black people." "Dr. Bobby E. Wright was a "Black" psychologist, so labeled not just because he was both Black and a psychologist, but because he used his education, training, intellectual knowledge and skills always in the best interest of Black people all over the world."
  • April 10th, 1980
  • DVD & VHS
  • Run Time approx 60 Mins
  • Quality Rating Scale 1=Poor 10=best
  • Video "8"
  • Audio "8"
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