Chinese Lovemaking Secrets DVD

In our society health and vitality aren't addressed until we notice a problem. We then seek out ways to feel better, and regain what we have lost.

When a person is sick, weak or rundown they see a doctor seeking prescription drugs, or go to the local health food store for the latest in "energy boosters" and nutritional supplements.

When the sex drive is no longer there, men and women turn to pills and patches that promise renewed sexual function and increased sex drive.

Many of us feel that this is our only path to regain our health and vitality. Why wait until we are sick or run down to address our bodies needs?

Why not tap the bodies’ own natural resources to enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Our bodies already contain what we need to keep us healthy and strong. All we need is the knowledge to access these resources.

By tapping these resources we can stay sexually active and strong regardless of age or gender.

Instructor James Mc Neil teaches sexual techniques developed by the ancient Chinese to show viewers how to increase sexual pleasure for themselves and their partners.

The Video makes use of both... modeled demonstrations and medical illustrations, but does not show explicit sex or nudity.

  • Release Date: Nov 30, 1999
  • VHS & DVD
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