Sharazad Ali "The Blackman's Guide...On Tour Video"

Black women all over the country became furious with Sister Sharazad Ali for statements made concerning Black women; such as the fact that the Black woman is "out of control" and that one of the options available to the Black man when the Black woman's mouth becomes uncontrollably disrespectful was that he could "offer her an open-handed slap in the mouth."

Black women and, in a few cases, Black men used this, "slap-in-the-mouth", phrase, which appeared in the seventeenth chapter of The Blackman's Guide..., to condemn the entire eighteen chapter book.

In 1989, according to the 1991 Almanac, 18,435 Black men were arrested for "offenses against family and children" as opposed to 37,671 white men who were arrested for the same charge.

It is obvious that Black men were not waiting for Shahrazad to tell them that hitting was an option, even though it is the worst of all choices, to deal with the Black woman and her, frequently out-of-control mouth.

Some people acted as though Sister Sharazad had invented "domestic violence", that physical fighting between the Black man and the Black woman did not exist and that as a result of "The Blackman's Guide..." pandamonium would break out among Black people, and Black women all over the country.

On the contrary, Sister Sharazad pointed out, in her book, and even more clearly, on the On Tour Video Tape, that as both Black men and the Black women we find ourselves in these undesirable and savage-acting situations (the Black woman having such an out-of-control mouth and the Black man dealing with it by hitting her) because of our following the life-style of the Caucasian white man and woman, who is none other than the devil. Although Sister Shahrazad Ali was well aware of the opposition she would face, and stated so in the Preface of The Blackman's Guide..., she stood toe to toe with one of the greatest oppositions imaginable, her sister (The Blackwoman).
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