The Pineal Gland is a Stargate - DVD

The mysterious pineal gland, a tiny organ situated in the center of our brain, has a rich metaphysical history.

Both Western and Eastern mystical traditions have recognized it as the seat of the soul, our link to higher dimensions, our connection to our god-self and the mechanism through which we leave our physical bodies.

You can not be the light for someone else until you have found the candle yourself.

The pineal gland is the candle. It is the psychic 6th sense we all have, but not many of us develop.

Learn more about this wondrous part of yourself and how to activate it to bring more abundance, wealth and happiness into your life.

  • Run time: 162-mins.
  • English
  • AR (All Region Format)
  • Full Screen
  • Color
  • DVD Only
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