Astrological & Afrikan Imprint on the Creation of New York City DVD

There's 9 million stories in New York, this is one they hope you never hear!

Ishangi takes you on a historical journey back to the creation of the modern worlds most famous city and revealz the Big Apple's rotten side:
  • Chattel enslavement
  • Land piracy
  • Judicial criminal mischief
  • As well as architectural symbolizm in landmarks rooted in Afrikan antiquity.

    Ishangi will reveal info on topics like:
  • Was 9/11 self-imposed so Mason's could revise the design of the financial district to bring heaven to earth on top of the Afrikan Burial Ground?
  • Is New York the site of the first Black Wall Street?
  • Learn the real identity of familiar names like Peter (Bedford-)Stuyvesant, Henry Hudson (River), Robert Hunter (College), and Richard Riker (Rikers Island) all taking part in the enslavement of Afrikanz in New York.

    Run Time 3hrs
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