Poetry on Film "The Original Last Poets" 1968

The Original Last Poets. During 1968 on the hot streets of New York a trio of young black performers, calling themselves The Original Last Poets, were creating a hip new form of guerrilla poetry woven of soul, jazz, the blues and gospel.

Today they are credited as the tap-root artists of Rap.

This film, set on the rooftops and back alleys of the Lower East Side, presents the trio in the full range of performance from satire and power to tenderness and affirmation.

Director Herbert Danska captures Gylain Kain, Felipe Luciano and David Nelson on film as they perform their revolutionary beat poetry on the rooftops, fire escapes and back alleys of Harlem, NY.

  • Originally released as a motion picture in 1968
  • 73 min
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