Parliament Funkadelic "The Mothership Connection10-31-1976"

The Mothership Connection Tour continued to break new ground for touring R & B acts of the time. The success of Parliament and it's emphasis on large scale stage productions, huge sound systems, and elaborate costumes had set a standard that caused other groups to quickly beef-up their stage productions. The beginning of this show is unusual as it starts with the entire band jamming out the "Prelude" then leaving the stage for a drum solo by Tyrone Lampkin. As the band members come back to the stage the show begins in earnest with "Dr. Funkenstein" and George emerging from the satin Rolls Royce to the screaming crowd. Another show highlight is Garry "Starchild" Shider being hoisted high above the audience on wires while shooting concert-goers with his Bop Gun.
With The Horny Horns (Ms. Parker, Griffin, Gardner and Wesley) now with Bootsy's Rubber Band, "Funkentelechy" session players Clay Lawrey, Darryl Dixon, Valerie Drayton, and Danny Cortez hold down the horn parts for this tour. Sadly this would be guitarist /vocalist extraordinaire Glenn Goins' last tour with the Funk Mob. Glenn's presence in P-Funk cannot be underestimated as he is considered by many to be the best voice ever in P-Funk, a group known for having so many great singers. Glenn would later hook-up with P-Funk drummer and songwriter Jerome " Big Foot" Brailey to form Quazar but sadly passed away of Hodgekins disease on July 30, 1978.
  • Prelude
  • Do that Stuff
  • Cosmic Slop
  • Gaming on Ya
  • Standing on the Verge of getting it on
  • Undisco Kidd
  • Children Of Production
  • Mothership Connection (Mothership Landing)
  • Swing Down Sweet Chariot
  • Dr. Funkenstein
  • Comin' Round the Mountain
  • Pfunk (Wants to Get Funkrd Up)
  • Tear the roof off the Sucker
  • Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples
  • Funkin' for fun
  • Run Time: 90mins
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