Exposed DVD Sports-N-Music Lebron

This DVD exposes the Illuminati takeover of sports and music Learning the names of key people that hold a tight grip on Sports.

See which rapper freaks out on a person in the audience for popping ish, then gives a pass to an audience member (male) for kissing him on the lips.

Little Wayne know's something is going down but he's not going to tell us

Ladies, beware of the man called "Drake" seductive lyrics.

How long are we going to support these people... Wake the f up.

Farrakhan speaks on LeBron James situation. Who runs and owns basketball. He lays it all out, names and positions.
See LeBron James saluting his real team. A very close friend to Master Mason Jay-Z.
Hear Jay-Z for yourself as he puts it in hidden messages in his raps.
Also see how Dr. Dre (Beats by Dre headphones) are in use in music videos in a satanic way (666 the mark of the beast).

DVD Only

Run Time: Approx. 2 Hours

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