Exposed "The Set up of Dr. Malachi Z. York "

In this Exposed DVD, learn about the set up of Dr. Malachi Z York and see how his son (Jacob York, a vindictive judge in the state of Georgia as well as the Government) plots to destroy his own father.

Bogus charges & witnesses (biased judges) and see how his lawyers worked against him and the tactics they used to force him to a false guilty plea.

You will hear first-hand from Nuwabians that were there when the raid went down.

Jacob York (the son of Dr. York) set up his father on false child molestation charges.

See how Jacob York and former Nuwaubians came up with the false and damaging story that would rock the Nuwaubian Nation.

See how Dr. York's lawyer (Manny Aurora from The Garland Firm) was playing on the wrong team the whole time.

Was this trial taken right from the movie INDICTMENT?

Watch how Dr. York's case is compared to this movie.

You won't believe it unless you see it for yourself.

A story about kidnapping, illegal raids, torture, rescinded jurisdiction and lack of utter disrespect of family.

  • VHS & DVD
  • Run Time: Approx. 3 Hours
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