Beef II

  • The true Hip Hop Battle is no longer a fight to prove one's skills, but a fight for the heart of a culture, an art form, a way of life. That's Beef II. Continuing the tradition of thoughtful, unbiased, and entertaining hip hop journalism that has earned Beef critical and popular success, Beef II airs out the beef in the business as the artists call out the real gangsters in hip hop. Features interviews with 50 Cent, D12, Benzino, Dave Mays, Redman, Method Man, Canibus, Royce Da 5-9, KRS-One, Nelly, Ice Cube, Mack 10, Cypress Hill, DMX, K Solo, Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, Parrish Smith, Ice T, Russell Simmons, Elliott Wilson, Selwyn Hinds, Black Child, Kool Moe Dee, RBX.
  • The Beef series is back, and with rap there is always going to be disagreements so they can go all day long with this series. This one is a lot shorter and features some older battles as well as some recent.

    Starts off with that battle between EPMD members and how they were at each other throats, how Eric Sermon paid someone to pull a lick on his own partner Parrrish, really gets into how the two crew evolved, Parrish partners rolled with him and they had the Hit Squad then Red, Murray, and Eric Sermon formed the Def Squad. Goes into the beef with Cypress Hill and Ice Cube, how Cube went a stole a lot of their ideas, and even some of their songs and tried to tell them its hip hop anyone can come up with those types of ideas for songs.

    Other beef highlights are K-Solo VS DMX in which K says that X stole one of his songs and said he wrote it, to show that K-Solo wasn’t lieing he takes a lie detector test and passes so it looks like maybe X got his jump on the thief tip. Talks about the petty beef between KRS 1 and Nelly, how the media blew nelly up because he was hot at the moment made it hard for KRS to even have a chance since his time in the spotlight has sort of came and gone, even though he is still respected, its hard to take out a pop act like nelly. The last battle is between Royce the 59 and D-12 basically what I was all over is Royce and Em got signed to Dre at the same time, and Royce was getting impatient and wanted his own deal and got signed to Tommy Boy, well Eminem said cool you want to leave im going to get my boys D-12 on, Royce’s deal ended up flopping and his record got pushed from label to label, so it seemed like the only way he could make a come back is to diss the people who was on top which was Em and D-12.

    Overall a good followup to the first volume, this one shows a bit more insight on the industry and how grimey it can be, most times you cant trust anyone, they all your enemies even though they your friend to your face. How desperate some people get, they willing to go up in your house pull a lick and they your own partners, or they trying to get you cut from a roster and telling you yea cant wait to your album come out, basically lieing to your face, but that’s the industry for you nowadays, its all about money and when someone is owed money and you fucking with their money some people can't distinguish the streets from the rap shit, that’s how some people get hurt.
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