Kean College Lecture "Khalid Muhammed "

Khalid Abdul Muhammad in a speech to students at Kean College in Union, New Jersey in November of 1993 called Jews, ``hook-nosed, bagel-eatin', lox-eatin' impostors." He attacked Catholics: ``The old no-good Pope . . . somebody need to raise that dress up and see what's really under there.'' Gays: ``God does not name holy books after homosexuals.'' And even other blacks, including Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates: ``Who let this Negro out of the gate?''

Despite prolonged outcry, and tremendous pressure brought to bear on him, Farrakhan took almost 3 months to do anything significant about Khalid Muhammad. When he did at last demote him, it was not for the content of his subordinates speech, but for the "mocking tone", in which it was delivered.

Khalid was one of Farrakhan's most trusted aides before he was demoted in February of 1994,

'' At a closed-door rally in Baltimore, Muhammad later defended his remarks, saying, ''Never will I say I am not an anti-Semite.'' He explained that his harsh public rhetoric was to strengthen Farrakhan's standing by being the ''lightning rod to attract the opposition.''

Khalid Abdul Muhammad was born Harold Moore Vann, in Texas in 1946. He has said he joined the Chicago-based Nation of Islam in 1967, after hearing Farrakhan speak at Dillard University in New Orleans, where Muhammad was an undergraduate student between 1966 and 1970.

He remained with the group after Elijah's death under the name Maleek Rashadeen for a year before dropping out and moving to Idi Amin's Uganda.

In 1977, he returned when Farrakhan asked him to help revive the separatist Nation of Islam.

''I was in Kampala, Uganda, ready to kill some white folks when I put the call through,'' Muhammad, said in a speech in Baltimore. ''I thought the Nation of Islam was gone, never to come back again. From that point on, I have been at the side of Minister Louis Farrakhan in the rebuilding of the Nation of Islam.''

Everybody always talks about Hitler exterminating six million Jews... But don't nobody ever ask what did they do to Hitler?...They went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped, they turned around and a German, in his own country, would almost have to go to a Jew to get money. They had undermined the very fabric of the society. Now he was an arrogant, no-good, devil, bastard, Hitler, no doubt about it. He was wickedly great.... But they are wickedly great, too, brother.

"The so-called Jew claims that there were six million in Nazi Germany. I am here today to tell you that there is absolutely no evidence, no proof. There is absolutely no evidence to substantiate, to prove that six million so-called Jews lost their lives in Nazi Germany..."

"Don't let no hooked-nose, bagel-eating, lox-eating, perpetrating-a-fraud so-called Jew who just crawled out of the ghettoes of Europe just a few days ago..."

"The practice of those freakish Rabbis [circumcision] is that they place their lips on the penis of these young boys and after they have cut the foreskin back, suck the blood from the head of the penis of their own young boys..."

"The Federal Reserve is privately owned and a so-called Jew controls the Federal Reserve...Talking about the National Debt, the Federal Debt, someone should ask, well who the hell do we owe...And who in the world has that much money that we would get in debt with them...Who are the rich power brokers behind the scenes?…Why is the Federal Reserve controlled by the so-called Jew."

"The Jew-nited Nations in Jew York City..."

"They are stealing our oil money, stealing our diamonds, and our gold, they have robbed us of our natural resources, our material resources and robbed us of our human resources."
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