The Spook Who sat by the Door (DVD)

Dan Freeman, a Korea vet, is looking for work. The CIA have just announced that they are taking applications from black candidates - thinking that none will pass their tests - so Freeman plays the system and gets through. Freeman, the perfect employee, expects to get ahead but instead finds that he's reduced to performing menial tasks.

After five years of frustration, he quits and moves to Chicago where his views begin to change: he moves from pacifism to militarism, convinced that direct action is the only answer.

Using techniques and tools learned in the CIA, he trains a private army of brothers (made up of black street gangs), and begins his campaign to overthrow the repressive government.

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  • Genre(s): Drama, Political
  • Rating: PG
  • Distributor: United Artists
  • Date: 1972
  • Run Time: 1 hrs 35 min
  • VHS & DVD
  • This is a Copy not the original

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