End of The Trail (Native American History) VHS & DVD

  • Perhaps the first honest look at the white man's treatment of Native Americans in this country was this installment of the 1960's "Project Twenty" series on NBC.
  • Focusing on the conflicts that arose during the 19th-century Western migration, this program offers a soul-searching look into a dark side of American history.
  • End Of The Trail chronicles the tragic fall of the American Indian. By the late 1800's the nomadic tribes that once roamed the Great Plains had been stripped of their dignity and denied their religious freedom. for Sioux, Comanche and Crow, the tide of modern civilization was an endless wave of western expansion.
  • What pioneers called manifest Destiny, Indians called trespassing. And what Indians called natural law, the settlers called savage.
  • As misunderstanding grew, so too did the conflict and the now legendary battlefields of Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee.
  • This is the story of the Indian struggle to preserve the honored traditions of their ancient past.
  • Narrated by Walter Brennan
  • Run Time 60 min.
  • Black & White
  • 1967
  • Quality Rating Scale: 1 = Worst 10 = Best
  • Picture Quality " 9 "
  • Sound Quality " 9 "
  • DVD Only

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