Dr. Khalid Muhammad Vs. Anthony J. Hilder "Part #1"

America is on the brink of RACE RIOTS & REVOLUTION. The intent of the Cashish Carte which has "engineered" the upcoming currency crash and race riots will attempt to establish a cashless controlled socialist society by Millenniun 2000. Order out of Chaos.

The Evilarchy that controls both houses of congress through their political pimps and prostitutes along the Potomac, have passed "Leftislation" transferring more powers to the President and the police than was given to Adolph Hitler before "his agents" burned down the Reichstag in 1933. A half-dozen alphabet agencies, like the ATF, CIA, FBI and the fascistic FEMA are on red alert...waiting for the reoccurence of race riots and the imposition of Martial Law. From L.A., Detroit, Chicago and Miami, the inner cities are ready to implode into tornados of terrorism.

In this video you'll hear Anthony J. Hilder duke it out with Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhhamad. Unlike Hilder who intends to "incite a revolution" Khalid invites a bloody revolution

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