It's a Damn Shame DVD

Quincy Jones has been in the music and Hollywood business for decades. He helped bring Michael Jackson, Will Smith, LL Cool J and many others to stardom on different levels, but what was the payback?
Y'all heard what 2Pac said.
is Quincy a part of the (gay Boule)?

Pimp C of the southern rap group U.G.K. was known to never bite his tongue. In an Ozone Magazine article he talked about fake southern rappers calling themselves dope boys, also calling out Russell Simmons (gay) and gay rappers.

Dave Chappelle exposes why almost every strong Black actor played a cross dresser or homosexual role.
Hear his ordeal when he was confronted to wear a dress on the set of a movie with Martin Lawrence.

Bobby Hemmitt, the man that helped exposed the gay Boule, drops jewels on the Black secret societies, also the gay fraternity, the Atlanta Boule gatherings and what really goes on when these Black brothers get together...
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