Tapped (2009)

A documentary focused primarily on the dangers of mining water to sell, Tapped (2009) addresses issues surrounding exploiting groundwater as effectively as does Gasland.

Tapped establishes the problems related to our water use and their source, but also proposes a viable solution based in the premise that meaningful change comes from local grassroots movements.

According to the film’s narrator, by 2030, two third of the world will lack access to clean drinking water because water is being treated as a commodity.

When we treat water as a commodity, the film asserts, we end up with corporate control and thirty-nine billion plastic bottles of water per year in the United States alone.

Representative Dennis Kucinich takes this premise further when he argues, “When we start commodifying necessities, serious political instability may result.”

Tapped effectively illustrates some of the negative consequences associated with turning water into a product or commodity.

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