Nightmares From the Crypt

  • 20 Movie Boxed Set
  • 1. "Moon of the Wolf" - Made For TV, decent werewolf film with The Fugitive's David Janssen.
  • 2. "Sisters of Death" - Maybe made for TV. Not sure.
  • 3. "Dominique is Dead" - So-so Made for TV starring Cliff Robertson.
  • 4. "Messiah of Evil" - Weird, but fairly good zombie film.
  • 5. "Devil's Nightmare" - I actually had this on VHS under the title "The Devil Walks At Midnight". DVD includes cannibal-erotic "hostess" writhing all over 2 nude cannibal women as they introduce the film. Must have been from some previous video release. The film is very good, but the vampire/cannibal beginning just needs to be skipped.
  • 6. "Cathy's Curse" - Too bloody for it to be Made for TV (at least I think it is). Disappointing movie that really doesn't go anywhere. The mother is just annoying.
  • 7. "Horror Hotel" - A black and white Christopher Lee film. Very gothic. Reminded me a lot of "Black Sunday" by Mario Bava, except this film is about witchcraft.
  • 8. "God told Me To" - Very interesting premise devolves into some sci-fi mind-job. Watch and decide.
  • 9. "Deep Red" - Underappreciated Dario Argento movie. Thick Argento atmosphere, bloody and weird.
  • 10. "Christmas Evil" - Worst.. Christmas... Horror... Movie... Ever...
  • 11. "Don't Look In The Basement" - My wife and I made the mistake of watching this one first. It made her not want to watch any of the others. Just boring, not scary.
  • 12. "Satanic Rites of Dracula" - Worse Christopher Lee Dracula movie I have ever seen. I can't believe Peter Cushing agreed to this movie either.
  • 13. "Web of the Spider" - So-so. More proof that Klaus Kinski was one of the freakiest horror stars ever.
  • 14. "Circus of Fear" - More Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski. Ok movie, but it's like they wanted to keep the actual plot a secret from you. Very muddy.
  • 15. "House on the Edge of the Park" - If you have seen "Last House on the Left", you have pretty much seen this. This even has David Hess playing virtually the same character as he did in "Last House".
  • 16. "Jack the Ripper" - Klaus Kinski as Jack. Very gory movie. If you try and forget that NOTHING in the movie corresponds to the actual Ripper murders, it's a decent movie.
  • 17. "Die Sister Die" - Not my cup of tea. Very slow and boring.
  • 18. "Lady Frankenstein" - Another instance where they use the name of a famous film to push a bad movie on you.
  • 19. "The Werewolf & The Vampire Woman" - I saw this movie at the drive-in when I was a kid (snuck in). This is a VERY good movie! Very gothic, great vampires, fantastic werewolf. This print of murky and the film has been heavily editted. No nudity in it now, but when it was at the drive-in it was practically x-rated.
  • 20. "Wolfman" - decent werewolf movie hampered by the worst actor in history. He was the producer though which is how he got the job.
    Sure, this collection is a mixed bag, but WELL worth the cost. Lots of entertainment for the cost of one new release big budget 2-hour over-produced movie.
  • Format: Box set, Color, NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Number of discs: 10
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Studio: Brentwood Home Video
  • DVD Release Date: February 3, 2004
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