Black Gestapo

  • "The Black Gestapo" is a mean, nasty race-riot of a movie.
  • A benevolent police group, the People's Army, attempts to aid the citizens of Watts, who are being terrorized by what appears to be a mob of bitter appliance salesmen.
  • There's dissention in the army's ranks, however, and a splinter group made up of local criminals forms to run the white mob out of Watts (one wise guy is castrated in his bathtub, another is run off the road by a breast-baring Uschi Digart and shot up by the gang).
  • The mob retreats, but this new People's Army takes their place, shaking down the citizens and having drunken orgies at their new compound (where Ms. Digart shows up again in the leader's bed).
  • There's not a single one of "The Black Gestapo"'s 88 minutes that's politically correct.
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