Medi-Sin DVD

This video lecture is a fascinating and unique perspective of the unholy practices of allopathic medicine and the commercialization of devitalized and chemical based foods. With the compelling facts and informative text, this nearly 2 hour presentation covers a century of medical applications and the history of refined foods, from Pasteur's false "Germ Theory" to the hidden cause of obesity.

MediSin is also comprised of factual information regarding the mis-education of the health-care institution and nutritional dogma perpetrated by commercial food corporations.

The video features compelling topics like:
  • "Why are the religious faithful not disease free?"
  • "Vaccines-The Lie of the Needle"
  • "Why cancer is really not under control"
  • "Splenda really isn't splendid"
  • "Fluoride, how America really got brainwashed"
  • Medisins behind Hormone Replacement and Hysterectomies."

    Simply put, MediSin seeks to give the masses a comprehensive understanding of medicine, disease and the divine principles of health.
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