Exposed DVD: Illumnati Takeover: Hip-Hop Edition #2

Exposed DVD has brought you numerous DVDs exposing the darkside of the music industry and the artists people know and love, including :
  • Jay-Z's Master Mason DVD
  • A 2Pac Assassination conspiracy report
  • The Demonic Possession of Rihanna and Jay-Z
  • A DVD about false teachers/prophets/religious leaders,
  • A DVD about R&B/pop stars
  • and even more DVD coverage on the so-called Illuminati presence in hip-hop.

    Do y'all believe the hype?

    Or are these Exposed DVDs just blowing smoke?

    That's for you to decide...They're just laying out their evidence and side of the story and ultimately allowing you to draw your own conclusions.

    This is the 2nd official Hip-Hop Edition of EXPOSED DVD, featuring Kanye West on the cover and the theme of this DVD is "They make them millionaires but they're still slaves." Featuring Kanye's 'Power' video breakdown (Exposed breaks down the symbolism, the imagery, the historical elements, the mythology and the references that go into the epic "portrait" of the 'Ye.

    This DVD also features 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg and explores their connection with the Illuminati Takeover.
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