Sara Suten Seti "The Rise of Seti"

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  • Title: Sara Suten Seti "The Rise of Seti"

    Sara Suten Seti "the General" is a second generation student and disciple of Grand Master Teacher & High Priest of OMS, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan.
    Seti has 20 years of literary studies with 3 educational tours to Egypt/Kemet with Ashra Kewsi & 1 Educational tour to Mexico "Land of the Olmecs".
    Seti takes his place on the front-lines of struggle for complete liberation of African people worldwide!!.
    The Explosive Guerrilla Documentary The Rise of Seti Highlights what Judaism Christianity & Islam stole out of Africa to create all three religions!!
    The African Origins of Ancient Egypt and many many unknown facts about the history of Ancient Africa!!!
  • The Visual documentation is stunning!!!
  • The Rise of Seti is NOW!!!
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  • RunTime: Aprox 2 hrs
  • Category: History, Science & Metaphysics
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