Big Pun "Still Not A Player" DVD

LATE RAPPER BIG PUN'S STORY TOLD Ground-Zero Entertainment set to release candid documentary
The highly anticipated, in-depth documentary on the late Latino rapper Christopher Rios, a.k.a. Big Pun. The Puerto Rican heavyweight was the first Latin rapper to sell over a million albums.
February 7, 2002 marked the second anniversary of his death.
The film entitled "Still Not A Player," was directed by Marcos Antonio Miranda, and is comprised of never-before-seen interviews with the Rios family and peers as well as personal home video footage. Miranda states, "There are interviews with Pun's children, mother, sister, his wife of 12 years, as well as current rap stars like Nas, Fat Joe, The Beatnuts, Raekwon & Cuban Link."
"Still Not A Player," will allow Pun's fans and followers a chance to truly take an introspective look at the life of the unforgettable icon. The film studies not only Pun's public persona but also the private life he may not have wanted exposed, with family members and friends giving a first look insight into his life. While it may be difficult to watch at times, "Still Not A Player" is an incredibly honest
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