Mumia! "Live From Death Row -The Documentary"

Mumia offer's the viewer an insight in the criminal justice system that you could only see if you are inside it. When viewing this Documentary, the viewer gets the feeling of depression, isolation, sadness and of despair that any person on death row might be feeling. To me, anytime that a viewer can feel the emotion of a story, the presentation has achieved a point. Now whether or not you agree with the death penalty, I think that you should view this documentary. It will force you to think about you position and see it justice is really being served. The irony now is that someone else has finally come forward and admitted to the murder that Mumia was convicted of, but Mumia is still in a life or death battle to be freed. I think that the viewer will enjoy this documentary and be overwhelmed by the emotion.
  • Runtime Approx 75 Mins
  • VHS & DVD
  • This is a Copy not the original
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