Amazing Grace (1974) "Moms Mabley"

Social commentary and riotous slapstick are combined in this vehicle for one of the original raunchy comedians, "Moms" Mabley. Moms plays the elderly Grace, who is fed up with the black elected officials of Baltimore. Tired of being sold out by her own people she becomes an outspoken activist and community organizer opposing the mayor and other high ranking officials.

One of the most amazing things about GRACE is that it is rated G. This is perhaps due to the inability to understand much of Mom's eclectic, raspy speech pattern. The ending begs for a sequel that was never made as Grace intends to continue her crusade into the nation's capital. Populated with many gifted African-American comedians who were rarely afforded film roles.
  • Director: Stan Lathan
  • Encoding: Region 1 (US and Canada only)
  • Format: Color, Closed-captioned
  • Rated: G
  • Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
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