MIND CONTROL 4 Reasons of National Security DVD

Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien presents from their internationally exposed documented experiences at the Granada Forum (2003), the updated facts on US government mind control atrocities!

Mark provides in this video a history of the US government's various mind control projects under the name of MK-Ultra.

He exposes incredible and recently verified through Freedom of Information Act, the details from years of first hand knowledge and experiences with this US Department of Defence Top Secret project.

You, with eyes to see & ears to hear will be empowered with documented facts and a solution to end this ...the ultimate human rights violation!

Cathy relates her federally investigated and court documented experiences as a mind control slave for the CIA complete with names, places, times and irrefutable facts.

She exposes the explosive details of what most people could not imagine that so many past & present so called government leaders have and continue to do with their unbridled power...hiding behind the US Department of Defence's 1947 National Security Act.Cathy speaks to all as a true patriot with soulutions and NOT from a victim mindset... she knows that the truth will set u.s. free.

  • Run Time 2hrs 36mins
  • Not Copyrighted.
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