The Black Hand of Death "AKA Preacher Crew"

  • The Black Hand of Death AKA Preacher Crew
  • If you say the word extortion in Harlem, the next words would probably be "THE PREACHER CREW" aka "THE FAMILY" and "THE BLACK HAND OF DEATH!"
  • They were called the most ruthless men in Harlem, extorting drug dealers and killing by torture those who didn't pay. They've been accused of a lot of murders dating back to the 70's. When individuals were ordered to be murdered, acid was poured on their bodies to remove tattoos that could possibly identify them. Thier bodies were then dismembered and left in a crumbling abandoned building. Crew members were then ordered to scrub down the killing room with boric acid after each murder.
  • After three decades of allegedly terrorizing, extorting, murdering and torturing Harlem’s major drug dealers, "THE PRECHER CREW" was captured by the F.B.I.'s C11 squad.
  • The PRECHER CREW"S leader Mr. Clarence "Preacher" Heatley allegedly cooperated with the F.B.I., snitching on his own crew!
  • The Preacher crew's chief lieutenant: Mr John Cuff aka "Captain Jack Frost (rumored the only man preacher feared)", was sentenced to life plus 145 years after preacher's testimony.
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