Black Holocaust "Khalid Muhammad, Leonard Jeffries, Steve Cokely..."

At historic Howard University in 1994 Dr. Khalid Muhammad keynoted the world wide-watched Black Holocaust conference with Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Tony Martin, Steve Cokely and convened by then student organizer Malik Zulu Shabazz.

At Howard University on April 19. 1994, Khalid Muhammad further belittled the devastation of the Holocaust and ridiculed its survivors. "You make me sick -- always got some old crinkly wrinkled cracker that you bring up, talking about, 'this is one of the Holocaust victims.' Goddamn it! I'm looking at a whole audience full of Holocaust victims," Muhammad told his audience of 2,000. Continuing, he said that the "Holocaust lasted 10 years; ours lasted 500. How can you compare, buddy? You are so arrogant."

The line-up of speakers at Howard also included other individuals whose rhetoric has been embraced by BAHC,(The Black African Holocaust Council) most notably, Professor Leonard Jeffries and Professor Tony Martin. In Jeffries' speech, after describing the enslavement of Africans as "the most devastating holocaust ever conceived in the mind," he dismissed the extermination of six million Jews as irrelevant. "That which occurred in Europe, the European Nazi Holocaust of the European Jew has to do with white on white crime," Jeffries said. "It has nothing to do with African people, Asian people, Native American people." In his own speech about the "Black Holocaust," Professor Martin minimized the misdeeds of Africans who sold fellow blacks into slavery. Then, echoing an erroneous charge that has been leveled by Louis Farrakhan, among others, Martin argued that the behavior of these Africans was no worse than that of Zionist Jews who, he alleged, collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.
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