Alien 51 "Anthony J. Hilder"

Former talk-show host, Anthony J. Hilder, provides thought-provoking hypothesis that America's secret society oversees the "Alien Agenda" at AREA 51.
  • This once Top-Secret base, hidden in the heart of Nevada's 3,000,000 acre Nellis Test Range, is home to a host of hidden technologies spawned by the CIA and the same crazed Nazi scientists who gave us World War II and are now working toward World War III.
  • The Cashist Cartel, controllers of "Alien 51", may have a nightmarish agenda: to frighten the world into accepting Global Government and a New World Order.
  • Are they creating "artificial entities" to frighten us into accepting the unacceptable?
  • "Alien 51" attempts to validate the suggestion that the advanced unmanned aerial platforms (often misinterpreted as "UFOs") seen around the Groom Lake facility are totally man-made but are meant to appear as "extraterrestrial".
  • Is it a hoax? And why?........if so.
  • On this explosive tape, Dr. Roger Leir describes how he surgically removed micro "implants" from 9 self-proclaimed "abductees". Is this all part of global elitists' "psychological operations" program?
  • Jordan Maxwell, Paul Tice, Victor Camacho and Norio Hayakawa bear witness to the existence of deceptive technologies being developed at AREA 51.
  • And now, for the first time ever, a rare interview with the Commander of Nellis Air Force Base and Test Range is unveiled in this volcanic video!!
  • Run Time: Approx 90 mins
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