Rich Porter (Alpo) " Game Over (Part 1) "

The story depicted in Game Over (Part 1) affected a host of rap artists, many who have paid homage to Rich, AZ, and Alpo in their songs. Among them are Jay-Z, Nas, Mase, The L.O.X., and NWA.

During the 1980's three young men took Harlem by storm, living by the codes of the streets in pursuit of the "American Dream". Rich Porter, AZ and Alpo were major players in the drug game at the young ages of sixteen and seventeen. They set trends and created street history, but their glamorous lifestyles led to betrayal and death!

This hard hitting true story presents a bitter portrait of pain, sorrow and regret experienced by the individuals central to the documentary. Viewers will hear from the Notoriuos Alpo, Mobstyle, Old timers amd many spectators who witnessed the rise and fall of these three young drug lords.
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