EXPOSED DVD Black Frats & Soros: Denouncing The Divine 9

Do the Black frats & sororities worship false idols?

In the same vein of the "It's A Damn Shame: Exposing Black Secret Societies" DVD, Exposed DVD is back on the trail for another expose DVD delving into the world of Black Secret societies.

Specifically, this DVD is about the Black frats and sororities and the history of the Divine 9.

This DVD exposes the Black college fraternities and sororities. What really goes down behind the secret, why would Blacks worship Greek mythology (aka. Degan Idols or gods that were cursed)? Also hear what the Almighty God says about swearing, oaths, secrecy, branding, etc.

The David Williams interview -- X-sorority member explains why she had to denounce her sisterhood. Christians beware, learn how frats & soros are the next step to becoming a mason or Eastern star. Take a ride with David Williams as he shows you how some churches are being taken over by the masons.

And much more...

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