Sara Suten Seti "The Great Debate! DVD"

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  • Double DVD Set
  • Title: Sara Suten Seti "The Great Debate! DVD"
    Sara Suten Seti Debates Sabir Bey & Brooklyn-Intelligence on The White Moorish Amerikkkans

    Sara Suten Seti "the General" is a second generation student and disciple of Grand Master Teacher & High Priest of OMS, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannan.
    Seti has 20 years of literary studies with 3 educational tours to Egypt/Kemet with Ashra Kewsi & 1 Educational tour to Mexico "Land of the Olmecs".
    Seti takes his place on the front-lines of struggle for complete liberation of African people worldwide!!.
    This Explosive Guerrilla Documentary is stunning!!!

    Seti battles the Moors on the true history of African people and the false teachings of the Moorish Science Temple!
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  • RunTime: Approx 2 hrs
  • Category: History, Science & Metaphysics
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