Weapons of Mass Deception DVD

  • Format: Video Presentation
  • Triple DVD Set
  • Title: Behind the New World Order "Weapons of Mass Deception" DVD

    In this Program Michael Tsarion conducts his own investigation into the history of the very real New World Order, detailing for us its founders and their real purpose.

    He reveals, in some depth, the magnitude of the occult agendas behind the furtherance of the draconian New Imperialism, and lets us see just how those arch-enemies of America have slowly and vampiristically hypnotized an entire continents historically-amnesiac inhabitants into selling off their sovereign power, prosperity and freedom.

    Using the September 11th attack as a back-drop, Michaels investigation into unseen and sinister stratagems involves warnings regarding the future.

    Michael insists that it is not by chance that we have conjured such evil in our midst.

    Overcoming our enemy involves re-learning better ways of being, not new ways to fight.

    As Michael warns, there can be no victory over an evil which strengthens itself
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  • Actors: Michael Tsarion
  • Format: Color
  • Studio: Punch Drunk Productions
  • Run Time: 480 minutes
  • VHS & DVD
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