Dan Burstein's Secrets of Angels, Demons & Masons (2005)

  • Format: Video Presentation Secrets of Angels & Demons unravels the conspiracy theories brought to light in Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons. Brown raises questions about the age-old conflict between science and religion in a plot that pits a secret society known as the Illuminati against the Catholic Church. The documentary film examines the impact that the Illuminati had wielded on world history, beginning with its founding in 18th century Bavaria. Although the Illuminati did exist in Europe during the late eighteenth century, it questions whether they ever had the organization or influence that Brown leads readers to believe. The film traces the histories of the famous astronomer, Galileo, and the Baroque sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini. It details the tumultuous relationship that both had with the Catholic Church, and questions whether these men could have been the secret Illuminati leaders that Dan Brown paints them to be. It also examines the plot device of an antimatter weapon placed in the bowels of the Vatican to accomplish the Illuminati’s final destruction of the Church, discerning the reality of the substance and questioning the likelihood of its use as a weapon of mass destruction. Secrets of Angels & Demons goes inside the secretive world of Vatican City, questioning the existence of the bones of St. Peter, the unsolved death of John Paul I, and the elaborate rituals of the Vatican cardinals. As the clues and mysteries of Dan Brown’s novel are explored, viewers gain an unprecedented glimpse into the top-secret world of the Catholic Church. Secrets of Masons Secrets of Masons uncovers the truth about the Freemasons and explores its surprising role in the founding of America. Since the group’s inception, the secrecy and selectiveness of Freemasonry has inspired conspiracy theories implicating Masons in numerous world events from the French and American Revolutions to FDR’s New Deal and the Vatican Bank Scandal. Masons are often accused of plotting to create a New World Order, "pulling the strings" behind such powerful organizations as the World Bank, the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund. Secrets of Masons looks at the infamous Illuminati’s connection to the Freemasons, questioning whether this relationship still exists, as Dan Brown would have us believe in Angels & Demons. It goes inside the rarely seen inner sanctums of Masonic Lodges, getting a close-up look at their rituals and revealing their hidden past. Freemasons today focus on raising money for charity and contributing to their community. But their good works do not stop accusations that they hold power over the upper echelons of American society. Some conspiracy thinkers even see Masonic secret symbols in George W. Bush’s inauguration. Yet, a real connection between Masonry and the American government can be traced back to the country’s inception. America’s capitol is full of Masonic symbols hidden in plain sight. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson planned the city in a symmetrical shape, inspiring speculation that it is a giant Masonic power grid. A painting of George Washington in a Masonic apron, strange coincidences about government buildings, and Masonic symbols on the dollar bill fuel suspicions of more sinister purposes. The documentary film questions the true meaning of the connections between the founding fathers, masonry, and the intriguing blueprint of Washington DC.
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