Is the White Man a Light Skin African ? DVD

Video Presentation

Is the White Man a Light Skin African ?

Do White people and Black people have the same ancestry?

Is Darwin correct or does modern science's ability to trace blood & DNA tell another story?

Join Dr. Jack Felder, Bro. Sutek, Brother Muhammad, Natural Tahuti, Prof. Larry, Min. Enqi & your host Bro. Saa Neter

Someone who is "RH Positive" has at least one RH+ allele, but can have two. There genotype could be either Rh+/Rh+ or Rh+'Rh-. A person who is Rh- has a genotype of Rh-/Rh-.

This DVD is a prequel to Min. Enqi's upcoming book & power point presentation "Black Genetic or Black Gene Ethics"
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