The Book your Church doesn't want you to read DVD

Consider this video as a kind of consumer protection guide to religion, a big step forward toward religious literacy.

Viewers will explore myths, origins, fundamentalism, television ministries, the identical stories of Stellar/Pagan/Christian beliefs, unfounded doctrines, child abuse, the Year 200, and women's rights.

It's reflects the absurdities of fundamental religion, while being inoffensive.

The approach is one of not hitting the viewer over the head with "you're wrong", but rather "consider this".
The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read contains many interesting, unknown facts:
  • such as there being no mention of Jesus Christ is the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • the oldest story in the world (predating Christianity by millennia) being that of a virgin mother bearing a newborn baby
  • God finding out about the Trinity from the Catholic Church in 325 A. D.
  • Christmas being a pagan holiday with December 25th shared as a birth date by many other crucified saviors.

  • Steve Allen
  • Bill Jenkins
  • Jordan Maxwell
  • Tim Leedom
  • Run Time: 1hrs
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