Monkey Blood (Ring of Power 2)


...dares to tell the truth, about who we were really are!

Another Amenstop Production (from the creator of the best-selling selling "Ring of Power", series!)

  • Who Are We?

    If you have Rh-positive blood like 85% of the world's population, that means you have a monkey gene that can be traced to the Rhesus monkey.

    Ancient civilizations documented the arrival of "gods" from the sky who created humans in their own image.

    Since humans have 98% of the same DNA as chimps, did ancient astronauts donate the other 2%?

  • Where Did We Come From?

    The world's oldest known civilization, the Sumerians, wrote that the "gods" came from the "planet of the crossing".

    The only planet that crosses between Earth and the sun is Venus.

    Scientists now believe that Venus was once a lush, fertile planet that may have supported advanced life forms until a cataclysm caused a runaway greenhouse effect.

  • What happened?

  • Where are we going?

    Geneticists claim that 97% of our DNA is junk DNA.

    Is it really "junk DNA" or is it "Divine DNA?"

    The human pineal gland is located behind our eyes and is said to be our third eye and the gateway to higher realms and higher consciousness.

    It releases "feel good" chemicals in our brain and gives us the experience of "bliss".

    In most adults, the pineal gland is dormant...but there is a simple ancient technique that can awaken it.

  • A customer review: "Wow, a fantastic new episode as a follow-up to Ring of Power. I love the whole concept. So many great aspects such: as the gene section, blue bloods & the pineal gland. Mostly, I love how it offers a sense of hope for humanity... while providing solutions!" ~

  • Released Oct 2008
  • 1-Hour and 32-Minutes
  • VHS & DVD
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