Dr. Leonard Jeffries "Nubia Documentary"

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  • Title: Dr. Leonard Jeffries "Nubia Documentary"

    This is a fantastic documentary that Dr. Jeffries and Brother Tahtki have put together on the history of Nubia in the Nile Valley.

    What was Nubia you may ask?

    Nubia was the southern portion of Kemet (Egypt) and the upper portion of the Sudan. “At the far end of the Dongola Reach, as the Nile bends and swings upward, streaming north toward the 4th Cataract, it flows through the province of Napata where, in the town of Kurru and of Nuri, lie the ancient graves of kings. These are the graves of the forgotten kings of Kush, the Black Valhalla through whose ghostly fields may still be heard the distant din of wars, the clash of Nubian and Libyan, of Nubian and Assyrian, over the ailing body of Egypt (Kemet).

    Here lay, in their trappings of silver and bronze, the mummified horses of Piankhy, Shabaka, Shabataka and Taharka. Here lay the Black princes of the Twenty Fifth Dynasty who, from circa 751 to 654 BC, threw their shadow of the Mediterranean to the borders of modern Ethiopia, almost a quarter of the African continent.

    They were among the last of the great sun kings of the ancient world. These kings formed the last bastion of Egyptian (Kemetic) civilization against the advance of the alien invaders.
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